The Unknown Truth about Natural Vitamin C


The natural skincare industry is a rapidly growing one with a plethora of natural ingredients being used in skincare to enhance skin vitality and youth.

Everywhere you turn it seems there is a new skincare ingredient promising to improve skin health and wellness.

Ingredients considered healthy to eat are being used in skincare to provide outstanding wellness benefits to the skin.

One of the latest natural ingredients taking the natural skincare world by storm is Kakadu Plum.

Cutting edge skincare brands such as Sensatia Botanicals, are using antioxidant and Vitamin C rich Kakadu Plum in their formulas to brighten, refresh, and protect the skin. 

A powerhouse fruit with known therapeutic properties, Kakadu Plum is considered a gift of the Dreamtime, an Australian native superfood containing the highest levels of Vitamin C in the world. 

As a powerful antioxidant it has widely been used in Bush Medicine for centuries by the Australian Indigenous peoples as a healing remedy and antiseptic. 

Vitamin C is  a must have in any skincare regime for those serious about maintaining good skin health.

Grown in the wilds of Northern Australia, in the hottest and harshest of climates, the Kakadu Plum was forced to develop a natural self defence system in order to survive extreme heat and UV exposure.

This defence system is made up of antioxidant molecules which protect against environmental damage. 

Containing 50 times more Vitamin C than an orange, Kakadu Plum is rich in anti viral, anti fungal and anti inflammatory properties.

And all of these factors have potent therapeutic effects on the skin.

Skincare and beauty products which contain Kakadu Plum have a brightening effect on the skin due to the high levels of Vitamin C.

 As a powerful antioxidant, the Vitamin C extracted from Kakadu Plum also provides a shield and protectant barrier from outside environmental forces, such as UV and pollution,

which cause free radical and DNA damage to the skin.

This protecting shield slows down and helps to prevent the visible signs of ageing, including the formation of lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation.

Furthermore, products containing Kakadu Plum have healing and antiseptic benefits which can prove beneficial for the skin after undergoing ablative or invasive skin treatments, supporting the skin to repair and replenish. 

Packed with phytochemicals like anti inflammatory gallic acid and elasticity promoting elegiac acid, it’s no wonder this super fruit is becoming so widely utilised in natural skincare products.

Benefits of Kakadu Plum in skincare:

ANTIOXIDANT- helps to promote collagen and elastin production which slows down ageing and diminishes pigmentation

                   - reduces the appearance of dark circles around eyes making the eyes appear more youthful

ANTI BACTERIAL- gently fights bacteria associated with spots and pimples and useful to prevent infection after an ablative skin treatment

ANTI INFLAMMATORY- heals and soothes skin sensitivities and redness due to irritation or acne eruption.

If you are really looking to get your glow back and naturally slow the ageing process in your skin, look for skincare containing the powerhouse fruit Kakadu Plum.


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