Jonny + June

A light weight spray that adds voluptuous body, flexible hold and takes hair to an extra ordinary heights. A combination of Davidson plum with the scents of orange and mandarin provides anti-ageing benefits, promotes hydration and volume. With certified organic extracts of Green & White Tea, Nettle, Ginger, Macadamia Oil.



Gentle enough for all skin types, this beautifully fragranced body wash cleanses and nourishes skin. Lemon essential oil and calendula extract are antioxidant-rich moisturizers that help control oil and protect skin against free radicals. Rose damask promotes even skin tone and adds a seductive floral aroma.

Key Ingredients:
Lemon oil reduces excess sebum and has antiseptic properties. Calendula may prevent signs of premature aging and is great for sensitive skin. Rose damask is naturally antimicrobial.

Dispense into hands and lather with water,Massage onto damp skin from neck to toe, Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry, Follow with Body Lotion or Body Butter


ACNE Clarifying

Designed to control acne-prone skin, this soap-free cleanser gently, yet effectively removes dirt and excess oil. A nourishing base of aloe vera juice hydrates, while plant actives of tea tree, gotu kola and lemon peel help balance sebum and prevent breakouts. Use twice a day to promote a clearer, calmer complexion.

Key Ingredients :

Tea tree oil is renowned for its acne-fighting properties. Gotu kola is rich in antioxidants that can protect skin against stressors. Lemon oil is high in antiseptic properties.

Use twice a day, morning and evening, Splash face with tepid water, Pour into clean hands and massage over face in small circular motions, Rinse thoroughly and pat skin dry,Follow with Toner

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